Liberty at Isla Contoy, Mexico, March '05
Through a company in New Zealand, Pangolin/YOTREPS,we are able to report our current position, which is plotted on a map.  Please note that it is only as current as we report to it, but we try to do that at every stop.  So if it hasn't changed in awhile, there's a good chance we are still there.  Also note that the report is published using UTC  (Grenwich Mean Time), which is 4 - 8 hours later than in the United States, depending on your time zone.

We have travelled the Gulf Coast, around Florida, up the US East Coast, through the Bahamas, and now the Eastern Caribbean since we left Kemah, TX in February, 2008.  Click on the map to enlarge it and see our route and the many places we have visited.  By clicking on the link below, you can see where we are now.